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Hickory Grove Wind
Project Timeline

Enerfin Renewables is an experienced Project Developer and long-term Owner and Operator. We deeply value the relationships forged during Development and are committed to being responsible Corporate Citizens and Partners in the communities where we Develop. As an Owner and Operator we provide continuity from Project inception through Decommissioning, working closely with landowners and local stakeholders throughout the process to ensure communication and collaboration.

Green Fields


Site Selection &
Preliminary Design

The first step towards a wind project is identifying areas with capacity to hold more energy on the electrical grid. We seek to develop on land with minimal impacts on the environment. 


Stakeholder Outreach

Next, we work alongside landowners and the community to lease land with the best potential to generate electricity from wind turbines. Enerfin engages with the public through open houses to inform residents and officials on the project and answer all questions.

Mother and Daughter in Farm
Surveyor Engineer


Environmental Studies

Enerfin coordinates with federal, state, and local agencies to study the presence of habitat and wildlife to ensure the project will avoid or minimize any impacts. 



Enerfin will adhere to all federal, state, and local permitting guidelines and work closely with local officials and stakeholders to address questions and concerns to responsibly permit the project.

Green Farm
Wind Energy workers with turbines


Final Engineering & Construction

Enerfin uses the study results to finalize a project layout before entering into the 9-12 month construction period. Over 400 new jobs may be created during construction.


Operation & Maintenance

As a long-term owner and operator, Enerfin's local team of technicians will keep a close eye on the facility during the approximately 30 years of operations.

Transmission lines in corn field
Wind turbines in corn field


Decommissioning & Land Restoration

At the end of the wind farm's useful life, the turbines will be completely removed. The land will also be restored to its original condition. 

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